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Who were Foresight?

Foresight was the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Shooting campaigns run on behalf of safe and responsible shooting people to promote all shooting sports. Foresight's oringinal aims were to ensure that all the UK shooting sports receive a fair hearing and to challenge the many misconceptions the general public may have about shooting. Foresight was not simply another membership organisation, nor is it a political force- it aimed to raise money to generate a funds to provide a fair hearing for all forms of safe, responsible shooting.

Their General objectives were:

Promoting shooting sports
Creating aa positive view of shooting as opposed to merely hunting
Research to support this positive view of gun handling and shooting sports
Challenge existing misconceptions that all hunting is shooting and should be banned

History of the Campaign

"The Campaign for Shooting (as it was originally called) was born in July of 1995 as a joint venture between the British Field Sports Society (BFSS), and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), embracing support for the independent research work of the Game Conservancy Trust. Its purpose was to raise funds and encourage membership of the three founder organisations. Between its inception and August 1997 it raised £90,000 for each organisation for them to spend as they saw fit. "

In June 1999 the Campaign was renamed "Foresight" and became the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Shooting to reflects the Campaign's objectives of thinking ahead to secure the future of all safe and responsible shooting sports.

Foresight has since closed.



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